For competitive single player quizzing

Recent results


1 Marcel Zumstein 54
2 Rodrigo Castro 51
3 Jorge Páramos 48
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1 Lovro Jurišić 78
2 Ujjwal Deb 73
3 Krešimir Melnik 72
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Around the World in 80 Questions

1 Krešimir Sučević Međeral 68
2 Josip Paškov 67
2 Roland Knauff 67
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Norway Open
1 Thomas Kolasaeter 167
2 Ole Martin Halck 157
3 Espen Kibsgård 149
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Supports proctors and players!

OnPoint is a digital tool for competitive offline quizzes. It supports proctors in their administrative tasks and gives players insights into their results.

Results in real time

Your results are recorded right after you played your quiz and will be included in the ranking immediately.

Pen and paper quiz, digital results

The quiz is still played with pen and paper. The answers are then marked using our platform.

Quizjudge at your service

If in doubt, you can submit your answers to the Quizjudge, who will - under supervision of a committee of experienced quiz players - take care of your concerns. Reliable, fair and anonymous.

Close your knowledge gaps

Every question you play here automatically ends up in our Training Center. There you can practise your quiz knowledge.

Track your progress

You get an insight into all your results in one place and can monitor your success over time.

How do I become a player?

To use OnPoint as a player you simple have to visit an OnPoint event. Your proctor will give you a QR-code or a simple link to join in.

With a free Qutopia account you will unlock all the features OnPoint has to offer!

If there are no events in your area yet, maybe you will become a proctor and be the first within your quizzing community!

How do I become a proctor?

In order to make the results in OnPoint particularly trustworthy, OnPoint events are played under the supervision of a proctor.

Do you have experience in quizzing and are you familiar with the international conventions, or are you perhaps interested in them? Then write us a message!

What does it need?

A free Qutopia account and a proctored event that you can attend.

What does it cost?

The use of OnPoint is free. You pay the same fee for the quiz as you would without it.