Qutopia ProTour
The highest level of quizzing.
The best quizzers from around the world compete in the most prestigious and most challenging tournaments of the international quizzing circuit on the Qutopia ProTour (QPT). The QPT currently includes the results from Squizzed, Unlimited, Around the World in 80 Questions, as well as the Opens organized by national quizzing associations from Norway, Croatia, Serbia, Ireland, and Austria. Each result scores points for the Qutopia ProTour Ranking which includes the best 20 results from the past twelve months.
Qutopia ProTour Ranking


1 Martin Haas 48
2 Bari Iseni 40
3 Eva Auterieth 37
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1 Eva Barrett 68
2 Martin Haas 64
2 Srećko Veselinović 64
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Around the World in 80 Questions

1 Manuel Hobiger 73
2 Josip Rončević 66
3 Daniel Engelbrecht 64
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Norway Open
1 Thomas Kolasaeter 167
2 Ole Martin Halck 157
3 Espen Kibsgård 149
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