How are QPT events run?

All events currently part of the QPT consist of a written quiz played by individual players in a given time limit. To earn points for the QPT Ranking these quizzes must be played in a publicly accessible venue, typically organized monthly for the events in your city.

Here, you can find detailed information on Squizzed, Unlimited and Around the World in 80 Questions.

How does the Qutopia ProTour Ranking work?

Events on the QPT are split into five tiers. The winners of an event will be awarded the maximum amount of points depending on that event's tier.

TIER I1000 points
TIER II500 points
TIER III250 points
TIER IV100 points
TIER V25 points

Currently, the events on the QPT are categorized as Tier II and Tier III events. The annual Opens from Norway, Croatia, Serbia, Ireland, and Austria are all Tier II events, with the respective winners awarded 500 points each. The monthly or bi-monthly events Squizzed, Unlimited, and Around the World in 80 Questions are Tier III events, each awarding 250 points to the winner. ProTour points scored by all other participants are awarded based on their percentage of the winner's score. For example, if the winning score on a Squizzed event is 80 (for 80 correct answers), that player will be awarded 250 points. A player with 40 correct answers will score half that many points for the QPT Ranking, meaning 125. The more quizzes you play, the more chances you will have to add to your overall point total. However, only the best 20 results from the last twelve months are considered.

When are my points counted for the ranking?

Results from an event on the QPT are considered for the QPT Ranking if players a) have a Qutopia account, and b) played at a proctored, publicly accessible venue. Past results can be retroactively added for players once they have created a Qutopia account.

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How can I participate in a QPT event?

QPT events are held all around the world, including in Australia, Belgium, Denmark, England, Estonia, Finland, Ireland, Japan, Croatia, Latvia, the Netherlands, Norway, Austria, Portugal, Romania, Serbia, Switzerland, Slovenia, Sri Lanka, the USA and more! We are currently working together with dozens of proctors around the world to provide a comprehensive calendar for all our events. In the meantime, you can contact us for information about events near you, or to help you create your own venue for QPT events.

What do QPT proctors have to know?

To help proctors, we developed OnPoint, our tool that lets your players mark their scores digitally on their mobile devices. This allows results to be updated in real time and provides up to date rankings for all our events. Participants can additionally easily challenge a question's given answer for ambiguously correct answers and have their answers be independently and anonymously adjudicated. OnPoint saves proctors a lot of annoying busywork like collating and sending results, and offers an easy way to process online payments.

What can I expect from the future of the Qutopia ProTour?

At the moment, we're only offering events in two of the five tournament tiers. This means you can look forward to a lot of new upcoming quiz events across all tiers—online and offline!