June edition

The June edition of Unlimited was written by Paul Paquet from Canada, and can be played competitively until 6/30/2023. After the competitive play period has ended, online and solo players who were not able to play in a proctored offline event can play the quiz online.
The questions in Unlimited are intended for international audiences, and our goal is to offer each set in as many languages as possible.
You can find the current scores here:

Qutopia ProTour

Unlimited is part of the Qutopia ProTour, together with Around the World in 80 Questions and Squizzed. Results from all three quizzes will be collated into a unified ranking.

Upcoming editions


    You have 45 minutes to answer all questions. Please refrain from discussing questions with other players until the play period has ended. If not explicitly stated otherwise, surnames are sufficient answers when asking for a person. Pay attention to the signal words written in bold!

    Judging answers and digital marking

    The deadline for proctors to send in scores is 6/30/2023, 23:59 CET. Please send your scores to while including the names of all players who participated at your venue, their scores, and their nationality.

    Digital marking is being tested at select locations in September and will be available to all players in the future, helping make scoring easy and convenient. Your results will be scored answer by answer, allowing you to submit challenges directly and review questions you missed in the Qutopia Study Hall.